Paula throws on a 50 year old Shimpo wheel. Above she throws offf the hump (or mound) which enables a potter to center clay as it is needed. This technique results in making many bowls.

Plates, pictured below, can not be thrown off the mound because gravity would collapse them. Insead plates and wide bowls are thrown on a bat.


Throwing on the Pottery Wheel

Paula uses an electric Shrimpo pottery wheel that she's had since she opened her first studio over 40 years ago. Above Paula is throwing bowls off the mound (also called throwing off the hump). This technique allows the potter to center and work with the top section of clay. The bowl is cut off and more clay is centered for the next bowl.

Below are samples of bowls that Paula has thrown off the mound. Some of these bowls were changed from round to oval and have "jewels" added.